Monday, December 20, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Jewels

Conducting Wedding ceremony now a days is becoming one of the most costly functions. The marriages may take heavy toll on the parents on the financial aspect but nevertheless the family consider the occasion as a great pride and prestige. It sounds the same kind of urgency to all classes of families whether it is medium or high class. Making up of a wonderful wedding, the jewels play so much important role to mark the occasion as a grand success. The gold ornaments are taking vital part in marriages for so long years. The word gold jewels regularly accompany and decorate the bride during the wedding. Usually the bride groom will be presented and asked to wear a special ring called Engagement ring. In North America and UK, these engagement rings are commonly used by brides. These engagement rings are given as a gift by the proposed bride grooms to the women as a conventional practice.

The three stone diamond rings, platinum diamond rings, princess cut solitaire diamond rings are the some of the beautiful varieties of engagement rings that are prestigiously bought. There are several wedding bands that are so elegant such as 7MM two tone wedding bands, 14 k gold 4mm plain type wedding band, 14 k gold 8mm also of plain variety and so on. The attractive diamond wedding bands with excellent colors are suitable to both women and men. Actually the weight of these bands is based on its material composition and the strength and usually the weight will be around 6 gram to 8 grams.

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