Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IPL launches official betting : Modi calls it lottery game and not betting

IPL has launched a controversial betting game asking the fans to predict the score of each over of a live game.According to the rules of this game the entrant as to predict the runs scored of each ball.The minimum prize money for every over is Rs.10,000.The prize money increases based on the number of people playing the game.The cost for each entry I mean each SMS is Rs.5.

The experts feels that this surely a bad idea and this is gambling.Modi defends this by telling that this is just like a texting between friends and not online betting or gambling.The International Cricket Council termed that thy have no rights to control the IPL officials because they are no way linked to IPL.

Modei however has stated that this would continue smoothly until there is no response from the people.I would say Modi is a very shrewd business man and we all know that when he introduced the strategy breaks after 10 overs of each side.