Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Famous Indian Crickets Wedding Stills

Gillepsy looking for a come back

Jason Gillepsy is so eager and still believes that he can still play for Australia as he thinks lot of cricket is still left in him. He recalls his early achievements in 2000s as he took over 100 test wickets and assumes on becoming another cricketing innings.He strongly hopes of giving his another best cricket by representing his country again.
He went on to quote that in his younger days as every one believe  to take part in the national cricketing side and in the same lines he aspires at this age also. It is real craving as for as cricket is concerned. Even after breaking his leg in Kandy he didn’t giveup of coming to test arena once more and also proove a point in the new venture.

AB devilliers ambitions on captaincy

The SOUTH Africa wicket keeper AB devilliers is desirous of becoming national captain but he is so sure that he wanted to do away his duty behind the stumps.He has captaimed inboth formats Twenty 20 and ODI WHERE HE DOES NOT TAKE UP WICKET KEEPIng. He  believes he may be asked to lead the nation’s test side and at the same time he does not want to risk him on the additional job of wicket keeping.
But it is up to the selectors to induct him to lead the national test side but sans wicket keeping gloves and this was quoted in an interview with ESPN CRICINFO.He likes the challenge if offered the captaincy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014