Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ganguly sacked by KKR coach John Buchanan

The latest buzz is that Sourav Ganguly will be no longer the permanent Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders.This time around the SRK owned KKR team r going for "ROTATIONAL CAPTAINS".Ganguly was very upset in hearing this.He hit back and said that he would say we need four coaches then and we will use them in rotational policy.But the decision has been taken and it is now Ganguly is following Dravid.Dravid was sacked from captaincy and it has been given to Kevin Pietersen.

The worst thing was Ganguly and Buchanan where sitting along side in the press conference.Buchanan termed that obviosuly Ganguly must be upset because of this move since he is the King of Kolkata.But Buchanan explained the idea behind this has that they had very good players in the team who are experienced enough to lead the side.We have to wait and see whether this new idea brings any fortunes to KKR in IPL 2.


  1. I hate IPL this year, sacking Dravid, GanGuly, moving out IPL and etcetra... Vijay Mallaya thinks he has done a great decision by changing captaincy ,still they are going lose. Dam it ..

    by the way great update pal!!!!