Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ashes 2009 : Jeff Thomson feels Ricky Ponting is a crap captain

jeff Thomson feels Ponting is a crap captain

Jeff Thomson the former Australian captain has attacked the Aussie captain Ricky Ponting badly.He has said that he feels Ponting lacks leadership qualities and so far his team has done well only because of the quality of players that they had and there is nothing so great about his captaincy.He has also termed that Ponting right now has a average team and so the performances are also below average.Jeff Thomson said that he wondered what is Ponting going to do with the captaincy when it was given to him way back in 2004,and he added that he has still not improved a bit.

Jeff Thomson also hit against Brett Lee and he felt that Lee should not be in the playing eleven and he is not fit to make it there.The final verdict that
Jeff Thomson gave was England team have a better captain and Australian team have a better side.

Jeff Thomson had a word of praise for Ponting that he is by far the best batsman and the only problem with him his the lack of leadership qualities.I feel this could even be a tactical move by the Oz great Jeff Thomson just to trigger more intensity in the Aussie camp.


  1. I totally disagree with Jeff Thompson's view.Ponting is a very good captain,it is just a lean patch for Australia.Thy will surely come out of it

  2. You might have such an idea,but we have to wait and watch whether Ponting can influence his team to a win in the Ashes

  3. jeff thomson is an appalling egomaniac. he hates lee because lee compromises his place as fastest australian. lee already has more wickets and is far more consistent. on top of this thomson had a dissgusting action, bad as malingas. ponting happens to be the greatest batsman still playing and his captaincy is first class too. Much better than our inexperienced lot...