Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPL : What is Superb Over ?

IPL has changed the rule from bowl out to superb over this time.The first Superb over match was between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals. ( KKR vs RR)

1) If the match between to team his a tie then each time gets one over to bat.The team which chased has to bat first.

2) Three players from each teams are allowed to bat.Preferably hitters will do since they have only one over to bat.

3) If they loose the 2 wickets within that one over then that is the score that has to be chased by the next team.If both the team have tie even after that then the team no of sixes and fours are seen in to account.

4) First the sixes are seen.If that is same then the number fours scored by both the team are seen.Which ever team is the highest they are the winners


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  4. Wow, Can I see it on STARSPORT TV ?

  5. No this time the rights of the matches are with Sony.You can see the matches in Sony Max