Monday, April 13, 2009

IPL : BestCaptains

IPL (Indian Premier League ) is goin to underway .The first match is between CSK and Rajasthan Royals.There are totally eight teams.It is tough to choose which team is goin to win.But the best captains i would suggest for this IPL are

M.S.Dhoni (Mr.Cool and last time runner up team captain)
Sourav Ganguly (Bengal Tiger gives his best only during times of crisis.)
Shane Warne ( Proactive and agressive captain)

So I personally feel these are the teams to watch out for.This time around the intensity of the game is very high.We will see some very good matches.Countdown has began .Only 4 days to go for the DLF IPL to kick off.

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  1. honestly....i dont understand this sport...
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