Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cheerleaders in IPL 2009

Cheerleaders are th new form of entertainment in cricket.This was introduced with Twenty twenty cricket and it has been a huge hit.The only disappointment for me is that all the cheerleaders are foreigners and no team as opted for Indian cheerleaders.Only Chennai Superb Kings which opted for Indian cheerleaders last time have also gone for foreign cheerleaders this time.Very disappointing to know this but it is quite true.

My personal opinion is that they are trying to add new flavor to cricket but will it last long.Certainly I am not sure.We have to wait and see.If you have any idea to share with me post your ideas as a comment.Hope you post some comments.Thanks waiitng for you reply.


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  2. ya sure i will do it..thanks a lot for your comments

  3. ?????????

    W Indo Sendiri nie....., ;)