Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kaif axed from Rajasthan Royals

Mohammad Kaif, along with seven other players, have been asked to fly back home from South African Team.The main big gun who has been axed from Rajasthan Royals is Kaif.He was paid more than Shane Warne last time.But the performance of Kaif was below par and he had just an average of 16 in the last year IPL.

Reports suggest that Shane Warne was not happy with Kaif's performance and that was a main reason for axing one of the senior players of the team.Kaif was paid $ 675,000 last time.This means that it is really tough for Kaif to get back in to the team.I personally feel that this is not the way to treat Kaif.He is one of the most dedictaed guys in the International level.He is a team man.Rajasthan Royals are going to suffer without Kaif.


  1. it is really a shame for rajasthan royals to axe kaif while he was there with the team in south africa.i agree that his performance was not that good but he got very few opportunity last year.i just can say one thing for sure that u cannot trust any australian.

  2. i mean any australian cricketer.