Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kamran Khan of Rajasthan Royals reported for suspect action

Kamran Khan the 18 year old senstaion in this IPL is reported for suspect action.He has a very slingy action similar to that of Srilankan Lasit Malinga.The only difference is Kamran Khan is left arm fast bowler while Malinga is right hand fast bowler.

Kamran was reported fro suspect action by the on-field umpires on April 30th in the match against Chennai Superb Kings (CSK).Rudi Koertzen and Gary Baxter the 2 on-field umpires had a close look at his action and decided to report his action to the TV umpire.It has been offically declared that Kamran Khan can continue to bowl until the result about his action his announced.

Shane Warne the Rajasthan Royals captain has still hopes on Kamran Khan that he will recover from this scare and conitnue to be a threat for all other teams. Warne also told that Kamran his young ans he is willing to learn a lot.We have to wait and see what his the verdict of his result.