Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Excellent Self Defense Products

The welcome news is that those wanting to buy stun guns can be at comfortable to select the guns at showcasestunguns.com. The guns sold in the above site are not dangerous but very useful for self defense. Suppose a person is surrounded by anti-social group and he need not be a scapegoat instead he can start firing through his stun guns and escape unhurt. Stun guns are so effective for self protection and can be utilized by showing the gun against the attackers. Any person prepared to retaliate against the culprits will try to clear the scene and the person can feel safe. These stun guns are producing high level of cracking sound when operated due to its high voltage. But the output current is relatively low and considered safe.

The Streetwise Stun Guns are available with various types and also sold at affordable rates. Some of them are Streetwise Black Out 2 million volt high powered rechargeable with LED light, 750000 volt rechargeable Stun Guns, Expandable Stun Baton 700000 volt and so on. The Streetwise 750000 mini stun baton has got more operating facilities. It is operated at the level of high voltage and naturally the attacker will get stunned. It is due to the highest electrical sound due to the firing of the gun which will annoy anyone.

The Lipstick Stun Guns are specially meant for ladies who prefer these types of guns than the normal ones. There are four varieties of lipstick stun guns that are available are black, gold, silver and red and all are sold at discount rate of $ 39.95.

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