Monday, December 27, 2010

Ponting and Aleem Dar incident in Ashes

Ponting vs Aleem Dar
Aleem Dar and Ponting had a big argument on the second day of the Boxing Day test. Ryan Harris was bowling to Kevin Pieterson and Haddin collected the ball and claimed for a catch. The decision was taken to third umpire and hot spot revealed that there was no edge when the ball crossed the bat of Kevin Pieterson. Henceforth KP was given notout.

Ponting was not convinced and had a big argument with the on-field umpire Aleem Dar who had nothing to do with the decision given by the third umpire. Ponting was fined 40 percent of his match fees for his on field behavior with the umpire.

ICC Match Referee Madugalle said that Ponting's action is unacceptable since being the captain of a team he has to lead by example and not behave like this. It looks as if Ponting and Australia are loosing the Ashes . I guess this is just the beginning to the end of Dominance of Aussies in the World Circuit.

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