Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to start a sports website

This time I thought I could write a post apart from sports and zeroed upon a technical term called web hosting which could be helpful for some of my readers who want to start a sports site like me. Web hosting is a process of allowing an companies or a single person or a group of people to start their own web site. Many companies providing web hosting and the features are differ from one another. There are also different types of web hosting viz. the most common are dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, and many more. These two are the most widely used types in the web hosting. First I will explain what is shared web hosting. The companies which provide clients limited space in their servers since a single server is shared by many clients. Dedicated web hosting means they provide the entire server to a single client. So based on each client’s requirement the client has to decide whether to go for dedicated web hosting or shared web hosting. This process of identifying the best suited webhosts is better explained in this site. For further details you can log on to this site to know the top ten web hosting sites and what all the offers they provide, and based on your requirements which include price, size, and all other additional features you can select your web hosting service. The best highlight of this site is they provide money back offer for all unsatisfied clients.

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