Monday, August 10, 2009

Sangakkara Younis Khan fight and exchange words

The SriLankan captain and Sangakkara and Pakistan captain Younis Khan involved in a heated exchange of words on the field.It was Pakistan who were batting and Younis Khan had already scored a 70 odd runs.Younis Khan nicked one but umpire Gamini Silva ruled him not out.Sangakkara was extremely unhappy and he started the argument.He asked Younis whether he nicked that one? Younis initially tried to smile and play the incident down,but Sangakkara persisted the two captains lost their calm and started exchanging words.

The on-filed umpire decison was the final and Gamini Silva felt that Younis had not nicked the ball and do he ruled Younis has not out,but replies showed that Younis Khna had nicked the ball.Sangakkara fumed at Younis and inturn Younis had some words to say to Sangakkara.

Kumar Sangakkara, later played the incident down saying that some words are exchanged in the heat of the battle and he respects the on field umpires decisions.He added that in this game certain decisions go for you and certain decisions go against you and so it is all the part and parcel of game and you should learn to live with them.

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