Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar aims on 15,000 Test runs

Sachin Tendulkar today revealed that he is not content with what he has achieved so far.He wants to score 15,000 runs before he retires from Test Cricket.Sachin Tendulkar already is 36 but he is hungry for more.When asked him about his retirement plans once Sachin said that wrong question to a wrong person.Sachin said that has a player he has matured over the years and for the past 3 months he has played with a broken finger.

Sachin also said that he knows when to retire and he aims at scoring 15,000 runs before he retires.He also said that this is not his wish alone it is the wish of his mentor Sunil Gavaskar.Tendulkar also mentioned that Sehwag is th only batsman close to his style.He also revealed that scoring 15.00 runs is not his prime ambition.The prime one is to make India victorious in the 2011 World Cup.

The present record of Sachin is 12773 Test runs in 159 matches at an average of close to 55.Sachin admitted that life after cricket looks scary and he wants to stay with the game as long as possible.Such is the passion of Sachin towards the game.

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