Thursday, July 22, 2010

Murali The Spin Legend with 800 wickets

Murali 800
Murali 800

Murali the Spin Legend proved that why he is regarded as the legend. Murali made a brave decision and announced that this will be the last Test match that he will play. I call the decision brave because he needed 8 wickets to reach 800 wickets in Test match and this is a feat which has been never attained by any one in the cricketing history.

Murali proved that he is a champ bowler and claimed those 8 wickets and helped Srilanka win the rain hit Test match. Murali's 799 wicket happened to be Harbhajan Singh and his 800th wicket happened to be Ojha. This is a side comment ( People who had seen the match should have seen Ishanth Sharma annoyed and very upset at the other end when Murali got his 800th wicket. Well that is because that he could not go in to the record books. Indian players fell like a pack of cards but this does not take any credit away from the Srilankan bowlers especially Murali.

Murali is a "Legend of Spin" and no one can achieve his feat . Even if someone can get near to him some day there would be only one person remembered as one of the most friendly cricketers and a gentleman of the game who is none other than Murali. Wishing Murali a happy life ahead.

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