Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy birthday Dhoni

Dhoni celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday just after his surprise marriage with Sakshi Singh Rawat. Dhoni born in July 7, 1981 is regarded as the coolest captains of India. Dhoni made his debut in December 23 2003 against Bangladesh and in December 2005 he came in to the Test squad against SriLanka. He established his name in the Indian squad and by Septemeber 2007 he went on to lead India in the inaugural ICC T20 Champions Trophy triumph.

Dhoni birthday

Dhoni's supporters in Ranchi celebrated the birthday of the Indian captain.Dhoni is also regarded as the best because under his captaincy India reached No 1 status in ODI as well Test matches. The supporters of Dhoni in Ranchi were disappointed that they could not get a glimpse of their star Dhoni.I wish Dhoni a "Happy married life" and also wish him all success in his life.

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