Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shaun Tait rules out Ashes return

Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait rules out the possible return to Ashes. Tait feels that he does not have the stamina to play the longer form the game. Tait added that he does not bother criticism and he knows what his best for him. Tait said that he has to first play a lot of 4 day games for his county side in order to be a part of the Test squad for the National side.

Shaun Tait said that he is kind of selfish and it is just to increase his career as a ODI and a T20 specialist. Shaun Tait henceforth ruled the possibility of returning to the Test squad and felt that the Australian pace attack is very good and there are some specialist bowlers who can trouble the English batsman.

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