Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yuvraj Singh and Sangakkara fight episode?

yuvi and sangakara

Kings XI Punjab is having a bad time in this year of he IPL especially the former captain Yuvraj Singh. Sangakara and Yuvraj Singh are having a rift and that is hampering the teams performance very badly, this is what the reports suggest.When the reporters contacted Sangakkara and asked about this he told that these are baseless rumors and this happens once a team performance is very bad.

Yuvraj was very angry when the reporters asked about whether he and Sangakkara had a rift and that is degrading the performance of the team. Yuvraj was very angry and replied you cannot write anything that you wish and every player is out of form and he told there is absolutely no problem between himself and Sangakkara.Well the entire picture behind Yuvraj Singh and Sangakkara fight episode is still not out that is my opinion.

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  1. I think Yuvraj's mother gave awa the plot .... she said her son has to play for a team for # years !!!!! I mean ... why make such a statement if there is nothing??? It shows he is unhappy and is waiting for the 3 year period and then move off ..... I wud have left a team if I was removed from the capaincy ..