Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy birthday Sachin

Sachin birthday bash
Sachin birthday pics
Sachin birthday celebration is one of the special occasion for the Master just before the finals of the IPL.Sachin will celebrate his 36th birthday on April 24th,2010.Sachin looks young as he becomes old. This is the best paradox since the way he is playing now is really amazing.

The finals of the IPL3 will be against Chennai Superb Kings and Mumbai Indians.The match will be against Dhoni and Sachin.Sachin's injury is a matter of worry since his presence will be a big boost for Mumbai Indians. Sachin has split his webbing and has been operated with 5 stitches but the Little Master is still hopeful that he will play in the finals.

Happy birthday Sachin once again I cant stop chanting your name. I am one of the die hard fans that you have got and you have been satisfying 1.2 billion people from the 1989 and I hope there is no end for SACHIN = "GOD OF CRICKET".

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