Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch live matches using smart phones

The World Cup and IPL fever is fast gripping everyone and it is high time for everyone to catch up the action live with their smart phones. The advanced computing facility that these phones posses when compared to the contemporary phones makes these phones a must have. A recent survey reveals that one out of five smart phone users make use of their phones to do online shopping. The survey also reveals that Google Android phones are going to become the leaders in global smart phone market by the end of 2011. HTC company are fast rising as the global leaders because of their continuous dedication to serve customers and jaw dropping innovations makes them a stand out from the rest of the leading mobile companies. When the two leaders join hands then think about the quality of product that you will get. Yes an HTC smart phone with Google Android OS is just an icing on the cake for all the smart phone lovers.

Guide to buy these smart phones

HTC smartphones are available on various stores but most of them lack the feature of price comparison while Consumer mate site who provide expert advice have launched a separate tab called as htc india ,where you find all the trending models right from HTC WildFire to HTC Desire. These gsm mobile along with Android OS are a gift to mobile lovers. Drench yourself completely in the Mobile mania to witness the World Cup and IPL Mania.

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