Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Entertaining contest by consumermate

mp3 players

The consumermate is offering its customers a lively contest where many prizes are to be won through participation. The customer is eligible to select from the following products like Plasma TV / LCD, MP3 Players, mobile phones, Laptops, Digital cameras, etc. Through this online contest only one review of post is permissible for defining a gadget. The judges will go through the various reviews submitted by the participants and finalize the winning list. The winner will be chosen on the basis of language command, quality writing and clear description of the chosen product. So the contestants will have a better chance of achieving good result through better writing. If anyone wants to send more than one review he may have to select equal number of products viz. three products / three posts. The contest is meant for Indian continent.

The good news is that consumermate site has introduced two more new categories such as tablet and mp3 players. I feel introduction of section mp3 player is little late but they have listed all the top brands of Mp3 players. The section mp3 players india has some of the most famous brands which include Apple iPod, Sony and what not. You must have a look at their site to know more about the user reviews and their unbiased review gives us a great idea about each and every product at their store.

Tablet india section is another one which has most widely sought brands. This also includes Adam Notion Ink which is a Indian brand and surely going to be a great hit in the near future.

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