Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Azhar and Sachin controversy

Azhar media

Azhar the former Indian captain made some harsh statements which was over exaggerated by the media. Well when Azhar asked about Sachin he told that he has nothing to say about Sachin. The media then fired at Azhar that he underperformed during Sachin's tenure as Captain of India. This statement made Azhar furious and he lashed at the media saying that you can very well see the records I was the highest run scorer during his captaincy both in ODI and Test.

However Azhar termed that Sachin is not a good captain and did not have the skill of captaincy in him. He also added that he will not change this opinion since this is how he felt and that is how 100 million people in India will think about Sachin.

I would like to add my views about this. Azhar is trying to create unnecessary attention on him now. He knows that in a country like India where Cricket is a religion and Sachin is like GOD it was unnecessary for him to make these statements. Long live Sachin !!!

Azhar better dont bring your ugly politics into cricket !!!!

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