Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gambhir Akmal fight in India vs Pakistan clash

Gambhir Akmal fight

India vs Pakistan encounter was as usual with players exchanging words at each other and verbal abuse was a part and parcel of the game. The arch rivals played so well and the match was a cliff hanger and India won the encounter.The match had two clashes one between Gambhir and Akmal and another between Harbhajan and Akthar.

Gambhir vs Kamran Akmal

Akmal appealed for a caught behind and the umpired turned that one down.Akmal was so furious that he went ot the batsman Gambhir and started exchanging words with Gambhir.Gambhir also got furious and he stared giving reply to Akmal and so the fight got intensified. M.S.Dhoni the Indian captain was at the crease and he tried to pacify the Gambhir and Billy Bowon came and stopped Akmal and Gambhir fight.

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