Monday, June 14, 2010

Dhoni feels India miss Yuvraj

Dhoni Yuvraj

Dhoni the Indian captain feels that Yuvraj will be missed in the Asia Cup.Dhoni came to the support of Yuvraj and said that he is such a talented player that he can come back in to the Indian team very soon. Dhoni also admitted that he is a big fan of Yuvraj Singh and would like to see him back to his normal.Dhoni said that he is not only a big fan of Yuvraj but he also admires the way Yuvraj Singh plays.

Sehwag earlier came for the support of Yuvraj that Yuvi will come back in to the Indian team with a bang. Sehwag said that Yuvraj will work hard and will come back in to the Indian team and show the world what caliber he belongs to.

I feel that this break could be a blessing in disguise fro Yuvraj which gives time for him to rethink and recoup. He will surely need to improve his fitness and reduce his weight.This ample amount of time will help in to come out of all the controversies that surround Yuvi and show the World in the World Cup who Yurvaj Singh.

All the best Yuvi !!!

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