Monday, January 25, 2010

Rahul Dravid injury - Fractured jaw bone

Rahul Dravid injured

Rahul Dravid after playing a scintillating innings and scoring a ton was injured on Day 2 in the Test Match against Bangladesh.The injured Dravid was taken and admitted in the hospital.Doctors told that it is a fracture which is more than just a sprain and Dravid is getting better now.

Rahul Dravid is injury makes him certainly out of this test which means India are short of one more batsman and Yuvraj Singh has also minor injury worries.Yuvraj is suffering a minor hand injury.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IPL auction 2010 sold players

IPL auction began and the West Indian players ruled the auction with Pollard sold for more than $750,000 and Kemar Roach for $720,000. Shane Bond was other major player whose base price was just $100,000 but he was sold for a whooping price of more than $750,000.The surprising fact of IPL auction was no one was willing to take any of the Pakistani players including Shaid Afridi.

1) Kevin Pollard was got by Mumbai Indians after they won the silent tiebreaker.

2) Shane Bond was got by Kolkata Knight Riders for more than 750,000+ afetr they won the silent tiebreaker.

3) Kemar Roach was won by Deccan Charges for 720,000$.

Chennai Superb Kings got Justin Kemp for $100,000 which i think is a very good buy when considered to the amount they spent on the big hitting fellow.Mohamed Kaif was got by Kings Punjab for $250,000.

Monday, January 18, 2010

IPL auction new rule - Silent Tiebreaker

IPL mania has started and the IPL 3 is getting bigger and bigger and the IPL has new rules this time for the auction on players.The name of the rule is silent tiebreaker which would be employed during the IPL auction if two franchise end up for a player with a same price.Lets say if two franchise bid for a player A and have ended up in the same amount which is $750,000.This is when th silent tiebreaker comes in where both teams would place an additional bid for the player and whomsoever bid is more they will have the player.

The new Silent Tiebreaker rule is creating a lot of controversy since the additional amount will go for IPL and not for the player.Lalit Modi however has said that the Tiebreaker rule would be enforced and anyone not agreeing would have to face the problem since it is a part of IPL 3.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sachin about Sehwag's comment on Bangladesh as ordinary side

Sachin Sehwag

Tendulkar was asked about Sehwag's comment about on Bangladesh as an ordinary side,Tendulkar replied that it is Sehwag who told that so it would be apt for you all to ask the question to Sehwag.The reports provoked Sachin with another question "Do you think whether Sehwag's statement was correct?".Sachin was vastly experienced to handle the question.Sachin politely replied Please lets move on to the next question.The reporters asked some normal questions about the days play and Sachin gave full credit to the Bangladesh. Sachin said that Bangladesh exploited the conditions well and full credit goes to the Bangladesh bowlers for bowling a tight line.

Sachin was again provoked by the reporters this time without using Sehwag name.The reporters asked whether Bangladesh would be able to take 20 wickets.Sachin replied that only one day in the game is over and there are four more days to go.Sachin said that th Test match is not over.

Sachin was batting at 76 at the end of the day along with Ishant Sharma who is at 1.The scoreboard of India depends upon how well Sachin plays tomorrow morning.The play tomorrow will start half an hour early to compensate for the bad light.India are right now at 213/8 after the end of Day1.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dhoni and his men donate 1crore for Indian Hockey Team

Dhnoni India
The Indian Cricket Team under Dhoni has decided to donate 1 crore for the national sport Hockey. The idea was actually suggested by Sunil Gavaskar.Gavaskar met Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh before the final of the Tri Series and spoke about his idea to donate money for Indian Hockey Team. Dhoni and Harbhajan immediately agreed to it and eventualy they have decided to donate 1 crore for Indian Hockey Team.

Dhoni said that irrespective of the outcome of Indian teams performance in the World Cup they will give the Hockey players a sum of Rs 1 crore.It is really good to see Dhoni and his men bat for Indian Hockey team bu tit is also sad that they have forgotten to bat for their own selves. Well I mean extremely disappointed with the way India played in the final. India are once again proving that thy are know to falter in the finals.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Importance of Home security

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The ADT home security also have a alarm system which gives an alert and so the thief can be easily caught. The battery backup is long enough infact I would say everlasting. Don’t consider this as an under statement I am telling this out of my personal experience. If you have not installed ADT at your home till now then it is safety that you deprive.

Virat Kohli guides India home with emphatic win

Virat Kohli is going through a purple patch and in his last six innings five of them have been more 50 runs in each innings. Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten 100 today to guide India to a comfortable win over Bangladesh.Kohli looks all set to make it big. the youngster has matured a lot and that is what Dhoni said in the post match presentation.

Kohli was aptly given the man of the match.Virat Kohli finished the match with 2 fours and the second four brought is 100 of just 95 balls and guided India to a six wicket win. India will face SriLanka in the final and India should play well there since they are generally know to falter in crunch times,hope history does not repeat itself.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dhoni and Team India in 2010

The Indian captain M.S Dhoni said that the lack of bowling coach is hurting India badly. He also gave a hint that Indian fielding need to be improved so what he collectively meant was India needs both fielding and bowling coaches. Robin Singh was India’s fielding coach and Venkatesh Prasad was India’s bowling coach. BCCI suddenly sacked both of them from their respective posts without giving any valid reason. Earlier in a press conference also Venkatesh Prasad said that the Board showed no respect towards him. What I personally feel is Dhoni wants both these dignified men back into their jobs which would surely helps India’s progress towards reaching the No.1 Spot even in the ODI and T20 formats.

Dhoni also insisted that India should play more number of Test matches in order to retain the Top Spot in the ICC rankings. Indian team finishes the year with the top spot while Gambhir was declared as the best batsman of the year. I wish all success for Team India in the year 2010.