Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sachin about Sehwag's comment on Bangladesh as ordinary side

Sachin Sehwag

Tendulkar was asked about Sehwag's comment about on Bangladesh as an ordinary side,Tendulkar replied that it is Sehwag who told that so it would be apt for you all to ask the question to Sehwag.The reports provoked Sachin with another question "Do you think whether Sehwag's statement was correct?".Sachin was vastly experienced to handle the question.Sachin politely replied Please lets move on to the next question.The reporters asked some normal questions about the days play and Sachin gave full credit to the Bangladesh. Sachin said that Bangladesh exploited the conditions well and full credit goes to the Bangladesh bowlers for bowling a tight line.

Sachin was again provoked by the reporters this time without using Sehwag name.The reporters asked whether Bangladesh would be able to take 20 wickets.Sachin replied that only one day in the game is over and there are four more days to go.Sachin said that th Test match is not over.

Sachin was batting at 76 at the end of the day along with Ishant Sharma who is at 1.The scoreboard of India depends upon how well Sachin plays tomorrow morning.The play tomorrow will start half an hour early to compensate for the bad light.India are right now at 213/8 after the end of Day1.

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