Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dhoni and his men donate 1crore for Indian Hockey Team

Dhnoni India
The Indian Cricket Team under Dhoni has decided to donate 1 crore for the national sport Hockey. The idea was actually suggested by Sunil Gavaskar.Gavaskar met Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh before the final of the Tri Series and spoke about his idea to donate money for Indian Hockey Team. Dhoni and Harbhajan immediately agreed to it and eventualy they have decided to donate 1 crore for Indian Hockey Team.

Dhoni said that irrespective of the outcome of Indian teams performance in the World Cup they will give the Hockey players a sum of Rs 1 crore.It is really good to see Dhoni and his men bat for Indian Hockey team bu tit is also sad that they have forgotten to bat for their own selves. Well I mean extremely disappointed with the way India played in the final. India are once again proving that thy are know to falter in the finals.

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