Monday, January 18, 2010

IPL auction new rule - Silent Tiebreaker

IPL mania has started and the IPL 3 is getting bigger and bigger and the IPL has new rules this time for the auction on players.The name of the rule is silent tiebreaker which would be employed during the IPL auction if two franchise end up for a player with a same price.Lets say if two franchise bid for a player A and have ended up in the same amount which is $750,000.This is when th silent tiebreaker comes in where both teams would place an additional bid for the player and whomsoever bid is more they will have the player.

The new Silent Tiebreaker rule is creating a lot of controversy since the additional amount will go for IPL and not for the player.Lalit Modi however has said that the Tiebreaker rule would be enforced and anyone not agreeing would have to face the problem since it is a part of IPL 3.

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