Saturday, May 22, 2010

Useful Computer accessories

The action of tracking the keys struck on a computer keyboard is usually termed as Key stroke logging. Actually the system user does not know the key board actions are secretly followed. The various key logging methods are ranging both hard ware and software types. These are local software key loggers that transmit recorded information from the required system to another monitor at a different location. The 4 MB USB Key logger is so easy to incorporate in a computer which will access all PC activities of key board. The device is fitted so quickly connection the PC and key board. The key logger records all messages, email information and web URLS. If the device is connected to pen drive mode then the data receiving is as fast as the device is arranged with advanced flash file system. This is priced at $ 159.95 from its original $249. The products purchased from Brick house security will be having a year warranty, free life time service and refunds are also assured.

The moment the Stealth iBot is fixed to a computer its righteous technology monitor every key stroke, web site visitors without the help of hardware. The device is required for only for few seconds to be plugged in to USB port. People cannot aware that their every movement on keyboard is followed up and this iBot is also useful for Laptops.

The one more wonderful equipment is known as Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device which is sold $199.95 with $100 as a discount. It is very light in weight and used to track a person or a vehicle by placing the device secretly. The fantastic receiving signal for exact time and location are updated through internet. The GSM and GPRS net work allow it to operate in case of regular GPS trackers fail.

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