Friday, September 11, 2009

Master Batsman Sachin's new home

Master Batsman Sachin bought his new villa in Mumbai. The rate of the villa is around Rs.35 crores. It is situated at Carter Road, Bandra, Dorba Villa, Mumbai. Sources said that the villa was constructed in 1920 and it was previously occupied by Parsi people and they sold this to Praful Satra’s Company 2007. In December last year they have sold this property to Sachin. This villa has one floor and the total sq. feet is around 9,000. In this area Sachin lived with his parents. This area is owned by writers at that time. Sachin’s father Ramesh Tendulkar also a poet lived in that area. In his early life, Sachin played cricket in this area.

Sources said that this villa is very old one and it is not in a livable condition so Sachin will demolish this building and construct a new home and it is going to be his dream home.

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  1. Hey Sachin,
    We are just waiting for this to complete soon, so that we can see your dream home which will became india's dream home.

    May god bless you.. :)