Thursday, June 4, 2009

World Cup T20 : Symonds axed from Australain squad

Andrew Symonds has been axed from the Australian team for in disciplinary action. He was caught for consuming alcohol. It is not such abig issue but the Australian team has given enough chances for Symonds that they have finally decided to move on.Ricky Ponting said that Symonds is one of the best T20 players at present and loosing him from the squad could create imbalance to the side, but he also termed that they had no other choice.

Cameron While will replace Symonds , and he would be playing the T20 World Cup instead of Andrew Symonds. Cameron White is not part of the Ashes. This is a golden opportunity for Cameron White and he has to capitalize on this.I personally feel that though Symonds may be a world class player he lacks the disciple to compete in the International level.

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