Sunday, June 14, 2009

India knocked out of the T20 World Cup by England

Defending Champions India out of the T20 World Cup.Reason for this shocking exit is lack of consistency from this side.They were one of the most powerful sides on the paper but when it came to performance nothing much to speak about out.Sehwag's injury and the Indian captain Dhoni who is totally out of form proved to costly for India and so they failed to reach the semi-finals.

Dhoni won the toss and elected to field.England made a very moderate total of 153 in their 20 overs.Good bowling by the Indian bowlers,especially the spinners.India was right on track to win the match and keep its hopes alive for qualifying to the next level.

Rohit Sharma went early and Raina played a irresponsible shot and he went very early.Jadeja was sent in to consolidate the innings.I guess he forgot this is T20.He consumed too many balls in the process of consolidating.Yuvraj should have come at his normal slot,but this tactical move by Dhoni proved wrong. Off late all the moves made by Dhoni is not working.I mean I am not saying this because India lost.I would like to give a example for this.Dhoni batted at No 3 at the opening round and the warm up matches.If he did not have the idea of coming one down then why did he try that.

I personally feel Dhoni seems to be running out of ideas or in the other way round he has to many ideas to implement.Anyway this loss has put India out of contention for a spot in the semi-finals.World Champions are out of the tournament.Sickening to know but it is the truth.


  1. it was really a very bad day in our history, we had excellent record vs england at lords but our players were over the moon, regarded as favourite but got knocked out before the ruthless pakistan, seriouly we need to learn from pakistan.

  2. India started of as favorites but could not sustain the momentum and ended up losing everything.. There were some technical errors to be blamed but the team management needs to seriously rethink their options and strategies