Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sachin Pakistan tour and injury

Sachin injury

Sachin in an interview to Sports World was to look back at the incident – “a ball from Waqar did not rise as anticipated; it was top edged and struck Sachin on the bridge of his nose. He was wearing a helmet without a grill. Blood poured from the wound as he slumped to the ground. Sachin merely threw back his head, pulled out a handkerchief to staunch the blood and carried on bravely. Medical assistance was brushed away. The next delivery, swinging and full pitched, was gloriously square driven for four. The one after that was short outside the off stump. The batsman rose on his toes and the ball was smashed on the up, past the rooted cover fielder for another boundary. It was a stirring performance and the crowd fell silent, stunned and awed in equal measure”. He said that this incident as one that added aggression to his armory. Replying to the question, “How did you develop such aggressive outlook?, he replied that “It was good thing that on my first tour I got hurt on my nose off a Younis delivery. I realized that there could be nothing worse than than. There have been worse injuries than mine.

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