Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ganguly surprised with Dravid exclusion

Sourav Ganguly was surprised to know that Rahul Dravid was left out of the Indian team. Ganguly said that the series against Australia is an all important one and the experimentation to leave Dravid is quite a risk.Ganguly was not the only person to show his dissent since another former Indian captain Anil Kumble also felt that Dravid has a decent show in the ICC Champions trophy and so he should have been in the side.

Dravid's performance on the paper is that he has scored 180 runs in five matches at the average of 36 which is very decent when compared to some other players who performed very badly.Ganguly also said that it is up to the selectors since they no what is best needed for the team but they could have included Dravid especially for the experience that he has.

Friday, October 16, 2009

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Michael Clarke named as Australia's new Captain

Michael Clarke has been named as the new Australian captain after Ricky Ponting's retirement from T20 form of the game.Clarke will be the captain and White will be his deputy in T20 form of the game.Clarke was expected to take over as captain from Ponting and that is what has exactly happened.

Michael Clarke said to the press that he is very happy to get this job and he will continue to learn a lot from Ponting. He also felt that Australia have to show their dominance in T20 form of the game,but they have stiff competition from India and defending champions Pakistan

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Rahul Dravid dropped for ODI's against Australia

Indian’s former captain Rahul Dravid has been dropped for the home series against Australia despite of some good performances with the bat in the Champions trophy.
Rahul Dravid played some sheet anchor roles in the recent Champions Trophy but he has been dropped for the first two matches against Australians.

Dravid should not have been dropped and according to me his presence in the team he is a boost especially with the amount of experience that Dravid carries behind him. Virat Kohli has been preferred instead of him. Sudeep Tyagi of Tamil Nadu gets a chance to play for the National side. Ishant Sharma has retained his place despite so many failures. Yusuf Pathan has been dropped from the squad due to his failure in the Champions Trophy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Play online games

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IPL is turning the heat even on BCCI

Indian Premier League (IPL) is turning the heat on BCCI. IPL is getting so big these days players are more inclined to their county teams instead of national assignments.Lalit Modi told that these kind of comments are baseless and should be totally avoided. He says that there are so many positives from the game since more more youngsters are exposed to International arena and they get a National side nod if they really perform well at this level.

Ratnakar Shetty on the other side feels that players are more focused on these cash rich tournaments and this is not good for the national side.Ratnakar Shetty also questioned the attitude of players since one of the senior players had told that their was not much feeling in the dressing room after India's early exit from Champions Trophy.Has IPL really turned the players attitude towards national assignments?Share your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good news for Gamers

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Monday, October 12, 2009

KKR coach is Dev Whatmore

Dev Whatmore has been elected as the new coach for Kolkata Knight Riders. There was huge speculation that would be the next coach after John Buchanan's exit.Dev Whatmore is known for his coaching skills he was the coach for the winning Srilankan team in 1996. Dev Whatmore was also know for his instrumental approach with which Bangladesh upset India in the 2007 World Cup.

SRK the owner of KKR franchise hopes that Dev Whatmore will bring fortunes to his team and thy will come out with a bang this time. Sourav Ganguly might be elected as the captain but no official announcement has been made so far.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Australian team for the tour of India announced

The Australian team after winning the Champions Trophy are on a high note and are hungry for more. The Australian side has lost all the legends in the last 1 and half year are so but the youngsters are fast filling in the shoes of the seniors.Australia are coming to India to play a seven match series and Ricky Ponting the captain of Australia reckons this could be a tough tour and they need to play really well to prove that they are still the No 1 side in the world.

The only worry for Ponting is that the Aussie side has to many injury problems with the key players like Michale Clarke ,Brad Haddin and left-arm seam bowler Bracken being sidelined due to injuries.Ricky Ponting told that his team still has the power to beat India in the Indian soil.Shaun Marsh the Australian left handed opening batsman makes a comeback to the squad and the spinner Jon Holland gets a surprise inclusion in the squad.Mike Hussey will be the vice captain since Clarke is not available for the tour due to injury.

Guide for better eyes

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Donald about Sreesanth and his habits


Allan Donald has opened about his views on Sreesnath.Donald the coach at Warwickshire, the county club where Sreesanth played his cricket this summer.Allan Donald made it very clear that if Sreesanth had any ideas of playing for India for a long time then first he should change is habits.Donald also revealed that it was he who recommended Sreesanth's name to the management so that he would compensate for the absence of Brett Lee and Morkel who had gone for national duty.Donald also said that Sreesanth has the talent to play at the highest level but he has to nurture himself and control his emotions. I feel Sreesanth will surely find it difficult to do since Sreesansth is a excited character by nature.

Donald also revealed the technical flaw that is with Sresanth in his bowling action.While bowling is front arm comes to fast which means he cannot the swing with the new ball. This technical glitch should be corrected by Sreesanth so that he can become more deadly.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Online gaming made so easy

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Younis Khan shocked about match fixing scandal

Younis Khan is very shocked about the match fixing comments made against him and his team.Younis Khan is irked by the comments and the speculation that are being created about the Pakistan team performance in the ICC Champions Trophy semifinals match against New Zeland.Younis was very furious and said that he would speak to PCB Chairman Ejaj Butt and if there is any need he will not be afraid to quit from captaincy.

Youni sKhan sadi that the commenst made are baseless and they don't have any proof and these kind of comments will surely irritate and degrade the teams performance.Wasim Akram also supported Younis Khan ans the Pakistan team that it was just one bad day that cost Pakistan team.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ricky Ponting about Australian win

Ricky Ponting seems to be a very happy captain since the OZ regained the ICC top ranking and also regained the Champions Trophy. when Ponting was asked asked about the win he told that he is a very happy man and it was the youngsters in the team who contributed at the right time an that is why they emerged victoriously.

Ricky Ponting was adjudged the Man of the series while Shane Watson was declared the Man of the Match for his fluent hundred in the final.Ponting also said that he is extremely happy that the youngsters played a huge factor in this win and he added it is very pleasing to see them stand and deliver when it matters the most.