Saturday, October 10, 2009

Donald about Sreesanth and his habits


Allan Donald has opened about his views on Sreesnath.Donald the coach at Warwickshire, the county club where Sreesanth played his cricket this summer.Allan Donald made it very clear that if Sreesanth had any ideas of playing for India for a long time then first he should change is habits.Donald also revealed that it was he who recommended Sreesanth's name to the management so that he would compensate for the absence of Brett Lee and Morkel who had gone for national duty.Donald also said that Sreesanth has the talent to play at the highest level but he has to nurture himself and control his emotions. I feel Sreesanth will surely find it difficult to do since Sreesansth is a excited character by nature.

Donald also revealed the technical flaw that is with Sresanth in his bowling action.While bowling is front arm comes to fast which means he cannot the swing with the new ball. This technical glitch should be corrected by Sreesanth so that he can become more deadly.

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