Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yusuf Pathan century could not stop South Africa from winning the series

Yusuf Pathan

Yusuf Pathan was the real savior for Indian who helped India from a humiliating defeat to a decent one. Well at one stage it looked as if Yusuf would single handedly win the game for India. Yusuf was brutal and he scored the century in such a staggering pace which came of just 68 balls.

Yusuf Pathan was majestic and his knock consist of 8 sixes and 8 fours. There was no other Indian batsman who gave support to Pathan. The likes of Yuvraj , Dhoni Raina and Rohit Sharma failed once again and went cheaply. It looks like Yusuf Pathan has earned a right reputation for himself at No 7 but the biggest worry for India is its middle order with Dhoni , Yuvraj and Raina totally looking out of form.

South Africa can feel proud about themselves since they came back from 2-1 to win the series 3-2. This is a very good achievement by the Proteans which can make them very proud.

Golden moments

In those days France used the gold coin in business deals by means of weight and later these coins are converted to other shapes by roughly cutting and even making it in to wire. The Romans paid the salary to their army soldiers using gold coins. Of course nowadays gold is the most precious form of metal on which the people are so much attracted to buy.

There are varieties of gold bullion coins that are so excellent that many people are investing. These are Australian gold nugget, American buffalo, Chinese gold panda, gold American eagle and so on. All over the World we see the bullion rush is increasingly overwhelming and more people are showing interest to buy bullion as they forecast appreciable growth throughout the year.

Amongst many gold bullion coins, the gold American eagle is one of the most sought after coins around the Universe. The above coin was introduced in 1986 and the coin $20 Saint Gudens design was followed to the opposite side of the above new Gold American Eagle Coin. The other side of the coin we can view an eagle flying to its nest where occupies its family. This was designed by Miley Busiek. Whoever wishes to buy gold bullion can think of the above coin as the customer is assured of guarantee on gold purity, weight and its content.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World Cup Countdown begins

2011 World Cup Teams

World Cup Countdown starts today(19.1.2011). The first ICC World Cup 2011 match will begin on 19th February, 2011. The first match will be played between India vs Bangladesh on 19.2.2011 at Dhaka.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

IPL Auction : Top 5 players in IPL4

IPL auction
IPL4 is getting bigger and the T20 tournament will start on April 8th. The player who was bought for the highest amount in this IPL is Gautam Gambhir who was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders for $2.4 millions. The other news is that Gautam Gambhir is likely to lead KKR since their prevous captain Ganguly has been ignored by all franchise which means Ganguly will not play in this IPL season.


$1) Gambhir $2.4 million Kolkata Knight Riders.

Yusuf Pathan

$2) Yusuf Pathan $2.1 million Kolkata Knight Riders..

Robin Uthappa

$3) Robin Uthappa $2.1 million Pune Warriors.

 Rohit Sharma

$4) Rohit Sharma $2.0 million Mumbai Indians.

Irfan Pathan

$5) Irfan Pathan $1.9 million Delhi Daredevils.

Ganguly, the former Indian captain has been ignored by all the franchise and even on day two of the IPL auction no one requested his name for re auction which means Ganguly will be missing this years IPL. This also means that this might be the end to Dada's cricketing career since he has already retired from International cricket.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Different styles of flooring

Different styles of flooring

Most of the people are used to witness trade shows that are taking place in a regular basis. There will be so many companies who take active part in such trade shows so as to exhibit their products and thereby enhancing their marketing activities. By promoting on the business aspects these companies also start concentrating on trade show flooring. There are many types of flooring like portable, vinyl flooring, and interlocking, printed hard wood and so on. The digitally printed floorings are distinguishable and the colors are so attractive. The soft floors are very convenient to trade show and residents also and are made of closed cell EVA rubber. These types are interlocking that can withstand shock and also waterproof.

The trade show carpet is available with quality of digital printing and the customers can choose from full color or vibrant colors. These printed carpets are nicely exhibited in the trade shows, retail shops and so on. The graphic printing of colors will attract many customers to the trade show.

The different companies will be looking for logo mats and would use these mats on the entrance carpet area for advertising purpose to promote their business. The logo canopy and tents are regular feature of display in the trade activities and community events that will have sophisticated appearance. These canopies are designed with attractive graphics which will be a highlight and heighten the business prospects.