Saturday, September 3, 2011

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Pen Drive

In this advanced technological world where one would definitely expect to grow steadily to keep pace and necessarily look forward to The company has been the collective choice to explore the best buying options of products like laptops, pendrives, memory cards, accessories and so on. Of course the company will be showing the newly developed laptops where the prices are affordable and as well as comparable. Regarding mobile phones the customers will have wide range of selection like dual sim models, smart phones, touch screen, 3G types and so on. The consumermate has introduced the above category accessories on whole mobile phones and laptops so recent time only. It is all happening so quick and fast for the choice of buyers to choose the various electronic gadgets.

The memory cards are used for storing digital information generally used in electronic devises types mobile, laptops and computers etc. Initially these memory cards are PC cards that are accommodated for industrial purposes to connect modem devices. Based on the requirement there are different memory cards available. The Sony MSHX8A is a 8 GB memory stick confined with high speed data transfer and its speed is around 30MB per second. The recording ability is 1920 x 1080 AVCHD and writes 15MB per second and the product is offered with 10 year warranty. Strontium Bold pendrive which is sold at Rs.420/- is a portable type that comes in 4/8/16/32 GB memory options and will work 15MB per second data read speed with a writing capacity of 6 MB per second. For further pendrive price details and with availability from the various companies we can check with the consumermate site.

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