Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gayatri Reddy Hot Pictures in IPL

Gayathri Reddy hot

Gayathri Reddy Adam Gilly


Gayathri Reddy is the daughter of Deccan Charges team owner T Venkatram Reddy.She was the person who was in charge of this year IPL auction.She is cheering the Deccan Charges team and she happened to be the lady luck of the team as Deccan Charges won their first home IPL matches.

Gayathri Reddy was successful in getting Kemran Roach for a whopping price of $718,716.Gayathri Reddy is the most sought keyword in the Google and her raising popularity could soon shift her career to movies,well fingers crossed will have to wait and see.

Sports challenges

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hayden guides CSK to win

hayden CSK
Hayden was back to form which is a good news for Chennai especially in the absence of skipper Dhoni. Hayden was at his best and he clobbered the Delhi bowlers all round the park and scored 93 runs and made the target look so easy.Suresh Raina the stand in skipper played his part and he was on 49 when CSK won the match.

Suresh Raina took the responsibility and played really well which helped CSK to win a determinant and strong Delhi side.Dinesh Karthik the stand in skipper because of Gambhir's injury had no clues what to do especially after Hayden early onslaught.Mathew Hayden could be the real trump card if Chennai need to make it big this league of IPL also.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dhoni turned the heat on KKR

Dhoni played a great innings to take CSK first out of trouble and then to make them reach a fighting total. Badrinath played a nice supporting role which helped Dhoni to have the launch pad at the end.Dhoni scored 66 runs of 33 balls at a strike rate of 200.The match was under total control of KKR at the end of 10 th over when CSK were 55/3.

This was the time that Dhoni walked in to join Badrinath and at the final overs he made amendments for the slow start.Badri played is part well and now CSK have won 1 match and gone down in one of the games that they have played.Ganguly was very furious at his bowlers and told in the press conference that poor death bowling was the main reason for their loss against Chennai Superb Kings.

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Delhi Daredevils won the match against Rajasthan Royals

Virender Sehwag
The superb batting by Virender Sehwag and the controlled bowling by bowlers of Delhi Daredevils gave them a convincing victory. Now Delhi Daredevils are in the top in the points table with 4 points and Kolkatta Knight Riders are in the second position. Rajasthan’s batting and bowling is not enough for them to win the match. Abhisehk Jhunjunwala’s 53 in 45 balls is made them to get that score and he is the only batsman who crossed half century.

Virender Sehwag scored 75 in just 34 balls with eight boundaries and five – sixes. His performance is a treat for cricket fans. Delhi Daredevils won the toss and they decided to field first. The man of the match award goes to Virender Sehwag for his blazing performance.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

IPL 3 Matches time table up to March 20th

IPL 3 Matches
IPL 3 matches begins today. The first match begins on March 12th between Deccan Charges and Kolkatta Knight Riders at 8 p.m. The second match will be played on 13th Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals. and Kings XI Punjab Vs. Delhi Daredevil will be played on the same day.
March 14th Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Vs Bangalore Royal Challengers (BRC)
March 14th Chennai Super Kings (CSK)Vs. Deccan Charges (DC)
March 15th Rajasthan Royals (RR) Vs. Delhi Daredevils (DD)
March 16th Bangalore Royal Challengers Vs. Kings XI Punjab
March 16th Kolkata Knight Riders Vs.Chennai Super Kings
March 17th Delhi Daredevils Vs.Mumbai Indians
March 18th Bangalore Royal Challengers Vs.Rajasthan Royals
March 19th Delhi Daredevils Vs.Chennai Super Kings
March 19th Deccan Chargers Vs.Kings XI Punjab
March 20th Rajasthan Royals Vs.Kolkata Knight Riders
March 20th Mumbai Indians Vs.Bangalore Royal Challengers

Monday, March 8, 2010

Useful auto allowance

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Rohit Sharma feels Dhoni and Gilly has similar type of captains

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma from India feels that Adam Gilchrist and MS Dhoni are a similar type of characters and both of them carry the team really very well even during tense situations and this mainly because of their calm and cool nature. Rohit Sharma is one of the few youngsters in India who is predicted as the future of the Indian team. Even though the talent for Rohit Sharma he is not able to cement a place for himself in the ODI squad for India.

Gilchrist also felt that this young talent from India will surely make it big. Rohit Sharma had shown his talent in glimpses here and there and very recently he scores a triple century in the league match. Rohit Sharma should prove his credibility by playing some amazing knocks this IPL which should help him to cement his place in the Indian squad.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Akthar wants to become the captain of Pakistan

Shoaib Akthar
Shoaib Akthar the speedster from Pakistan has been recently in the news for all the wrong reason and it looks as if his cricketing career has come to an end. When Shoaib Akthar was asked about this by the media person he seemed to be an optimistic person and replied that he is down but not out and he is still hoping that he will get a chance to have a central contract and play for Pakistan.

Akthar sounded more optimistic and said that he wanted to become the captain of Pakistan side one day since it was his dream from childhood. This person according to me is too crazy since he is finding it extremely hard to get a place for himself in the Pakistan squad but he actually sounds too optimistic and he wants to lead the side. Akthar I hope some miracle happens and you first find a place in the side then you can think about becoming the captain of Pakistan.

Basic Baseball Equipment

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Ray Jennings feels Virat Kohli has the future India captain

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli could be the future of the Indian team that is what the Royal Challengers Bangalore coach feels. Ray Jennings admitted that he is able to see some leadership qualities in Virat Kohli which sets him apart from all other players and after the Indian skipper Dhoni looses his Midas touch we could see Virat Kohli to become the captain of India.

Ray Jennings is very confident that his side has the best composition and the last time runner up would put a better show to win the title. Ray Jennings is also hoping that Rahul Dravid would recover from his injury so that they can have a experienced campaigner in the team.

Wonderful Baseball Gloves

Baseball Gloves
In earlier version of the game, baseball which was played without gloves that is with bare hands. The very first glove was used by Charles Waitt in 1875 for his team St. Louis. The original design of these gloves made of leather with finger tips cut off. Baseball Gloves have been made larger by size after Bill Doak emphasized a web be inserted between the first finger and the thumb so that a pocket can be created. After 1920 this improved design was followed. Usually the catching of the ball with two handed and the size of the glove grew bigger to catch it by the web. In order to catch the ball by the webbing of the glove and with the help of off hand making sure the ball will not fall.

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IPL strategic time outs

Lalit Modi
IPL this time has changed the strategic time out after some of the key players including Sachin had protested against the rule stating that this would hamper the flow of the game. This time there is a slight change in the strategic time out and it would be two breaks each being two and half minutes. The first break would between 6 to 8th over where the bowling team can ask for the time out. The second break could be any time from the 11th to 16th over where the batting team can ask for the time out.

Lalit Modi the chairman of IPL said that this would enable both the batting and fielding team to discuss their team strategies in this time which means there will not be any delay during the overs that are bowled. The idea behind these breaks is mainly to generate more revenue.

Entertaining Soccer Camps

Soccer Goals
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Adam Gilcrist confident with his Deccan Charges side

Adam Gilchrist
Adam Gilcrist the winning captain of the last year edition of IPL is a very confident man that his team would perform really well this edition. Adam Gilcrist also said that his team looks very confident and are in a very good shape especially after the last year title. Adam Gilcrist and Mathew Hayden are the two foreign players who confirmed their availability for this edition of IPL despite there being a lot of security threats.

Kemar Roach the West Indian fast bowler is what the Deccan Charges have got for this editon of IPL and they really heavily on him since the bowling department of Deccan Charges is little weak. Adam Gilcrist was happy with some of the local guys like Monish Mishra and Rahul Sharma making a name for them in the domestic circuit , and Gilly is confident that they can clinch the title this time also.

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Happy family
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IPL rights in UK goes to ITV : Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi
ITV has got the official rights to air all the IPL matches in U.K.IPL rights for this season goes to ITV, and this was the official statement given by Lalit Modi. The third season of IPl starts at March 12th and the show will be aired for 45 days. It is going to be complete entertainment with all the best players in the world competing against each other.

The other biggest tie up for IPL organizers is that the matches will be telecasted in You tube. ITV director told that this deal is made so that the people in UK can have a nice time watching the world's best cricketers show casing their hard hitting skills.

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Ganguly says Sachin should be given Bharath Ratna.

 Young Sachin
Sourav Ganguly said that Sachin is the greatest cricketer of all time and he should be given Bharath Ratna award for his stunning performance over the years as a cricketer for our country . Ganguly told this to the reporters after the team practice with his team KKR in Eden Gardens. Sachin on other hand has said that he is concentrating on playing cricket for his country an not on Bharath Ratna.

Tendulkar's gesture is a well know fact and we all , know very well to what extend he is an humble man. Sachin got so many responses after his 200 not out against South Africa. Indian off spinner Harbhajan said thet Sachin is better than Sir Don Bradman. When Sachin was asked about this he said that he feels really uneasy when someone compares him with the legendary Bradman.

Best fitness Center

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Jacob Oram miss IPL ?

Jacob Oram
Jacob Oram the New Zeland all rounder is likely to miss the IPL after he picked up a knee injury during the on going series against Australia which has ruled him out of action for nearly a month now. Oram who has a muscle tear and the doctors have advised him to take rest for a minimum period of one month. Jacob Oram is one of the key players for Chennai Superb Kings and with already Flintoff out of IPL3 it is going to be a tough season a head for Chennai Superb Kings under the captaincy of Dhoni.

Jacob Oram career recently his hit by a considerable number of injuries and he announced his retirement from Test cricket last year in order to prolong his T20 cricket. The 31 year old Oram is one of the lucrative purchases of Chennai Superb Kings for $675,500.Can the Chennai Superb Kings manage without Oram and Flintoff we have to wait and see how they fare in this edition of Indian Premier League.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waqar Younis new Pakistan coach

Waqar Younis Pak coach

Intikhab Alam the former Pakistan coach has been replaced the former Pakistan speed gun Waqar Younis.Waqar Younis said that he is really honored to coach Pakistan and it is a tenure that will be till the December of this year.Waqar Youni sdo you all think that he i sthe ideal replacement for the Pakistan team.

The team lacks unity and in the last three years Waqar happens to be the fourth coach.Waqar Younis confirmed that he will be arriving next week to start the work.The Pakistan team are eagerly waiting for him to take over hoping there could be some change in the attitude among the players.

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