Monday, May 31, 2010

Tips for home improvement

Hi friends, in this post I am to going to give some tips to improve your house appearance. If you furnish the custom sized rugs to your floor area it will definitely add special design to your house and suppose you are having a larger size room with wood flooring the area rug is a good idea that will give a soften and silky feel to the room. Nowadays buying rugs are becoming popular amongst women and the reason behind this is the rugs give a pleasing, elegant out look to interior homes and also exhibits comfortable feeling. You can use custom size area rugs for various types of areas like hall, rooms, rooms covered with wooden flooring, garage, etc. Before ordering rugs to your home, first necessitate on how many rooms you are going to provide rug flooring and measure the area of the rooms and note them correctly before ordering. This will save your money and your time. Customized rugs are very easy to use and before ordering one must choose the right pattern, shapes, colors and designs that is most suitable suits your home.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suresh Raina right choice for captain?

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina has been selected as the Indian captain since the team management as rested all the senior players including captain Dhoni ,Sachin,Yuvraj,Sehwag and etc.Suresh Raina has been given the captaincy and Virath Kohli has been named the vice captain well is it the right choice is a big debate.Raina has a player is a real class act and the team will need this 22 year old guy.

Raina has a captain has not inspired the team well this comment is too early to judge him..Raina has not inspired the team so far and also he has forgot to inform the umpire that he has taken Powerplay two(PP2) in today's match against Srilanka.India should have gone for the bonus point today with eight wickets in hand at one stage and Raina did not give any such instruction to his team. Raina needs much more experience has a captain. Raina has been captain of the Indian team for just two matches out of which he has lost one and won one, so it is too early to comment based on his track record but I think he should do better in upcoming matches if he has any thoughts of becoming the future captain after Dhoni's regime.

Famous Sporting Spots

While sports are played with full of vigor and energy, the genuineness with which the games are proceeded all these years seems to have lost. This may be due to the external forces influencing the players and by the way the spectators also loosing faith and charm on sports. There are many betting sites handing out sports books and for those interested can look for, sports interaction, book maker, BETUS, The sports betting where any person forecasting the outcome of a match and risking some amount of money by means of betting is known as sports betting. These betting are becoming more and more involved today. In US many sports bets are through ways of illegal book making procedures.

Nevada is the place where you find betting of sporting events is legal through odds and point spreads. The sports betters always would go in for football for wagering. In the later year of 1950s the football was becoming so popular and millions of viewers used to watch the game through T.V. On football betting the customers are allowed 25% bonus and a maximum $500 with registering continuously for five times is made possible through signing up book The familiar football bet is point spread wager as there will be 40 points in usual NFL.

The NBA was slowly entering in the era of sports during 1950s and in almost ten years the basketball as a sport took third position among the popular games. The basketball has become more familiar during 1980 when ESPN and other cable networks showing these sporting events in their channels. Diamond Sports book is very familiar for basketball betting giving 20% sign up bonus on initial deposits of $300. On referring a new customer you will get 10% free play and an extra 10% on enhancing the individual account.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Airtel and Sahara bid for India team sponsor

BCCI invited four sponsors to bid for Team India. Well but only two of them are now in the race for Indian team sponsor. Airtel and Sahara are in the fray for this which means either Indian team will get new sponsors in the form of Airtel or Sahara will renew their contract for the next three years.

BCCI feels that the decline in interest is mainly because of the IPL and more sponsors are ready to invest their money only in the lucrative IPL.BCCI will announce the winner of the bid on Monday after the marketing committee meet

Hayden Panettiere hair styling tips

People these days are give a lot of importance to style and style is what that matters . Right from youngsters to middle aged people spend a lot of time and care to look beautiful. The trend nowadays is that we use different fashion styles to look beautiful. Hayden Panteriee is one of the famous actresses who always takes a lot of care to look young and beautiful. She uses ghd Straighteners to change her hair style and that suits her and it also depicts her mood. She sometimes straightens her hair and in other times she just makes a curly look and each style suits her and I am a big fan of her.

Hayden feels that ghd Straighteners is the best and that is the reason why she could play around with her hair and make different interesting looks. The products is available in the market at reasonable rate and you can try that to make yourself look more beautiful and change your hairstyle as you wish. The site which is available in the link given provides a price comparison of different straightness and which helps you to select the best one that suits you at nominal rates.So start your shopping today.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Collingwood and Broad rested

Collingwood and Broad

England have rested their key players for the upcoming Test series against Bangladesh. Andy Flower England coach termed that they have rested star players like Collingwood and Broad to avoid fatigue. They are very important for the Ashes and the World Cup. So we would like them to have some rest and get rejuvenated and come back strongly for all the important Ashes.

Eoin Morgan has been included in the Test squad. He is one player who has impressed all in the shorter version of the game and this is the first time he has got a chance to prove his skills in the longer format of the game.Andrew Strauss is back and he will be leading the England side.

Enjoyable weekend

Myrtle Beach
Nowadays many people prefer to spend their holidays in a clam and composed manner. The ultimate touring spot most would love to enjoy is Myrtle Beach that accompanies grand shores resorts. These are fabulous shores that have come to stay and the resorts are offered to the customers with so elegant rooms suiting to their taste. The hotels are more or like an individual type and having common passage and with provision of privacy kitchen rooms with fore table serving. To have more details one can visit and decide accordingly.

Regarding Myrtle Beach hotel one is really bemused to find the never ending list of Myrtle Beach hotels. Some of them Marina Inn at Grand Dunes, Hampton Inn, Dunes Village Resort are worth while stay. The Dunes Village Resort is a perfect location on sea view front with very pleasing service quality. Many utensils are offered to the surprise of the tourists that include Micro Wave, Fridge, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Baking equipments and what not. Adding to those there are indoor water park, heated pools, hot tub, play ground, volley ball playing net, etc. The best way to achieve the Myrtle Beach vacation deals is to register oneself with grand shores and through email get to know the special offers and discount savings on Myrtle Beach surroundings and enjoy your holidays.

Afridi ready to play Test match Cricket

Pakistan all rounder Shahid Afridi has reversed his retirement decision from Test cricket and he is ready to play Test match for his country. Afridi in 2006 had announced that he is going to retire from Test cricket and concentrate more and the shorter forms of the game.Afridi has changed his decision now because he feels that the team needs him and so he will be available for the series against England.

The unavailability of all the senior players of Pakistan team is the reason for Afridi to get back to Test cricket.The captain for the Test match series will be announced on May 25th and most likely Afridi will lead the side especially due to his experience and he is the senior most cricketer in the team.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bike accessories

Hi friends, everybody like to enjoy a ride in a motorcycle. While driving wearing a helmet is a must thing to be done because it saves your life. If you are interested in buying a Motorcycle Helmets first go through the site In this site many famous companies like Outlaw, Hawk, Bell, Shoei, etc. have their branded helmets for sale. The models are Half face helmet, Skull Cap Half helmet, Ghost Racer Yellow Helmet, Full Face Motorcycle helmet etc. and are available at competitive prices. The colors of the helmets are vibrant. You can choose and compare the prices of the helmets in the site.

Saddlebags can also be purchased from this site and they are fixed on the to the saddles to the either side of the rear wheel. They have a variety of Motorcycle saddlebags and some of them are even water proofed. You can select any items of your choice and then click the compare button to get a complete details abut the items that you have selected and also their price. So based on the item details you can select your suitable product and buy them. You can also get Leather vest from their site and they have these vest for both men and women.

T20 Cricket in USA

T20 Cricket in USA
The T20 series between Srilanka and NewZeland is going to be played in USA. This is the first time an International cricket match is conducted in USA. The ICC feels that USA is place where lot of Asians and immigrants from other country live so tournaments could kick of really well and cricket will soon achieve globalization.

ICC feels that tournaments like IPL has prospered outside India only because there are so many Asian immigrants and with this they feels cricket will soon acclaim a standard that we would have never dreamt off.

Useful Computer accessories

The action of tracking the keys struck on a computer keyboard is usually termed as Key stroke logging. Actually the system user does not know the key board actions are secretly followed. The various key logging methods are ranging both hard ware and software types. These are local software key loggers that transmit recorded information from the required system to another monitor at a different location. The 4 MB USB Key logger is so easy to incorporate in a computer which will access all PC activities of key board. The device is fitted so quickly connection the PC and key board. The key logger records all messages, email information and web URLS. If the device is connected to pen drive mode then the data receiving is as fast as the device is arranged with advanced flash file system. This is priced at $ 159.95 from its original $249. The products purchased from Brick house security will be having a year warranty, free life time service and refunds are also assured.

The moment the Stealth iBot is fixed to a computer its righteous technology monitor every key stroke, web site visitors without the help of hardware. The device is required for only for few seconds to be plugged in to USB port. People cannot aware that their every movement on keyboard is followed up and this iBot is also useful for Laptops.

The one more wonderful equipment is known as Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking Device which is sold $199.95 with $100 as a discount. It is very light in weight and used to track a person or a vehicle by placing the device secretly. The fantastic receiving signal for exact time and location are updated through internet. The GSM and GPRS net work allow it to operate in case of regular GPS trackers fail.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Grame Smith happy with T20 series win

Grame Smith nets

Grame Smith happy with his teams performance especially after wrapping the T20 series against the West Indies for 2-0.Smith told this is the all important series for them especially they are preparing for the World Cup and making some vital changes and he cited the major change where Boucher has been dropped and AB de Villiers is asked to keep instead of him.

AB de Villiers has done a decent job so far and the run out that he affected in the penultimate ball of the match led to the downfall of West Indies and they lost the match by 1 run. This is one of the low scoring thrillers where South Africa manged just 120 runs in their 20 overs but West Indies managed one run less than them to lose the game and the series as well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Steps for success formula in business

market leader
Hi this post is for people who want to be a successful business man in their life. Doing business is not a big deal but being successful in that is what matters. Success in general is measure which gives pleasure well I would like to call it as bait. So never feel happy about attaining your goal well dream big and strive hard towards achieving that. Many people think they are successful in their business well success is not only achieving your targets but to consistently achieve them and I would say even to go past your threshold limit.

Marketing Company here plays a vital role in providing a helping hand to people who are growing to grow faster and people have started to reach a stable position. They provide marketing strategies based on your business using which you can promote your brand and products in a better way. Brand Identity Guru Inc is one such company who provide you a test and if you pass the test with high score you are already in the right track. Well most of them need help in either one of the following areas which I will mention now. Credibility, visibility and right marketing message is the successful formula for becoming a successful business man.

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Mark Boucher dropped from South Africa squad and AB de Villiers to keep

AB de Villiers wicketkeeping
AB de Villiers is the new keeper for South Africa. Smith told that it was very hard to drop Boucher especially his experienced will be missed. Boucher is a cool customer under pressure but South African selectors are trying some new thing ahead of the World Cup in 2011.

I personally feel Boucher should be in the team.AB de Villiers is one of the best fielders in the International cricket and moving him from that place is a bad option only for South Africa.Smith feels that this gives one or two extra options which can be tried out before the World Cup. So South Africa would be without the services of Boucher for the ongoing series against West Indies which consist of T20 and ODI's

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guide to sell old mobile

Hi friends I know most of you are interest to get a new mobile handset especially a one with all the latest features. There are so many sites which provide you the information how you should get a new mobile and what are the pitfalls, what are all the do’s and don’ts, but I am going to tell you how to sell your mobile especially your used old mobile so that you can get cash and use that to buy your new one. “Sell my” is one of the most famous site and they have the exact platform which helps us to sell our old mobile phones. They have price comparison feature and they also update the information about the most recent sales in their site which helps the buyer and the seller to set a competitive price and make a deal out of that.

Compare deals in their site is one feature which astonished me and I bet there are very few sites in the net which offer this feature. Even if there are sites who offer this feature they cannot provide an effective platform for the buyer and the seller as this site provide. Everything is very transparent and clear where the buyer can get an idea of all the fast moving sets and also get an approximate idea about the price of each and every model.

Engand victorious Collingwood and Kevin Pieterson

England the team which won this World T20 Event in style.Well to admit the truth if you had called me before the start of the tournament and told me it is England who will win the World Cup T20 I would have told you to stop joking.There are far more teams which are better than England well I should admit that all this equation is on paper,especially a team like India who are one of the best sides on paper but they did not reach even the semi-finals.

England have looked a completely different unit under the resolute leadership of Paul Collingwood. He has changed the team dramatically and he has some charisma which helps the team to perform better.Kevin Pieterson has been a stand out performer for England over the years and he proved that in the much important series, and England won a major title for the first time in the history of cricket

Tips to sell structured settlement

A structured settlement is a financial agreement and this was started in Canada and United States in the late 1970’s. It is basically a suit or an agreement for periodic payment for damages and there is a legal structure followed for this world wide. People can sell their structured settlement payments and there are sites which buy this. The common question that people have is whether it is legal to sell structured settlement. The answer is a big “yes” and you have all the rights to sell your structured settlement.

Companies provide cash for structured settlements. The next common question is what happens if we change our mind and decide against the deal. Generally they give a cooling off period and you have all the rights to revert back from the deal. In general it is not advisable to do this since once your committed to a word it is always good to go by that.

Saeed Ajmal is inconsolable

Saeed Ajmal the off spinner who bowled the final over is still in consolable and he is still thinking he is culprit for Paksitan's loss against Australia in the T20 semi-finals. Well it is actually the sheer brilliance of Hussey that took the game away from Pakistan who were the clear favorites to make it to the finals for the third time in a row.Well that is not the case. Hussey over powered anyone and scored 22 runs of last over and took Australia to finals with one ball to spare.

Saeed Ajmal is supported by his team mates and they tell it is the team that lost and no single player is to be pointed out. This is what I call team spirit is all about.I wish Saeed Ajmal would become an unsung hero for Pakistan in the near future.

Importance of LED

LED which is based on semiconductor diode is used in lamps and are generally low powered light resource. The latest advent in the technology has seen to that they are used to provide even high visibility and even ultraviolet light. The most common used of LED is the replacement of the traditional lights. The biggest asset of LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) lights is that they provide high end brightness by consuming very low power. This has made it an integral part in almost all the applications and they are particularly used in replacing traffic signal lights and automobile indicators.

LED after becoming an integral part in all the lighting related stuffs are also founds as industrial lights available where they are used to emit a wide spot pattern. These LED’s are 100 percent optical pure acyclic LED and the emitters are designed in such a way that they provide extreme brightness by consuming very low power. LED’s in the near future will replace all the other lighting technologies used in the previous century simple because of their wide range of advantages and they have very few drawbacks to stop them from becoming a prominent technology in the coming years.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

England are the World Cup T20 Champions

England T20 Champions

Kevin Pieterson

England have finally showed the world that they are the "World T20 Champions".Australia had a very bad early set back with 9/3 in 2.2 overs.They lost star batsman David Warner and Shane Watson by that time.Michael Clarke played a cautious innings where he scored 27 runs of 27 balls.Australia scored 147/6 in 20 overs with the help of Hussey brothers and Cameron White. David Hussey was the top scorer for Australia with a half century.

England in reply had to play sensible cricket and not panic under pressure. Well we have to admit that they played flawless cricket and won the match in style with three overs to spare.Craig Kieswetter and Kevin Pieterson where the star performers for England and Craig Kieswetter was the right choice for the Man of the Match ,and Kevin Pieterson was given the Man of the series award.

Well finally the people who found cricket have won finally a major tournament. England have finally become the "World T20 Champions". Paul Collingwood told that this win his something like beating Australia in the Ashes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

England crushed SriLanka in T20 semi finals

Kevin Pieterson
England continue their good run as they crushed SriLanka to reach the finals of the T20 World Cup.SriLanka won the toss and decided to bat. Santha Jaysuriya as usual was a big flop and Mahela also went early making things tough for SriLanka. They pinned hopes on captain Sangakkara to make the revival but he to went for 16.Angelo Mathews played as responsible innings to lend some respectability for SriLanka score where SriLanka scored 128/6 in 20 overs.

England showed that they are a professional T20 unit and they played with purpose and finished the game in 16 overs. Kevin Pieterson was once again the star for England since he was unbeaten on 42 of just 26 balls. He guided England to a comprehensive win and on the whole thy thrashed SriLanka.England will face either Australia or Pakistan in the final.

Shane Bond retires from cricket

Shane Bond
Shane Bond one of New Zeland premier fast bowler retires from all forms of cricket. He was revelation for them some 3 years back where he was regarded as one of the most devastating fast bowler and was World No1 too. Shane Bond in the press conference told that he did not want to reduce his pace in order to play few more years of International cricket. He told that though it is a tough decision he has decided to take a call and he is quitting from all three forms of the cricket.

Shane Bond services was missed by Kiwis from 2007 to 2009 mainly because he was a part ICL and only in 2009 he withdrew all his services and contracts from ICL and he was back in to the International side.Captain Daniel Vettori commented that it is a personal loss for him and his team and they would miss the services of one of the best fast bowlers in the World.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

India vs Sri Lanka

India vs Sri Lanka toss
India's captain M.S.Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat first. Karthick scored only 13 runs and he was caught and bowl by Malinga. Then Gambhir scored 41 runs in 32 balls and he also fell to Malinga. Now Suresh Raina playing very well and he got 50 runs in just 37 balls with 5 fours and one six. M.S.Dhoni is giving company to Suresh Raina and he scroed 14 runs in 8 balls. The match is progessing well. Now only 15 overs completed. In the last five overs they will score another 60 runs and it is a very difficult task for Sri Lanka to win the match.

Enlightening games

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England won the match against New Zealand

Tim Bresnan
New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first and they have scored only 149 for the loss of six wickets in 20 overs. In reply England scored 153 runs in 19.1 overs for loss of 7 wickets. Tim Bresnan bowled very well and bowled 4 overs gave only 20 runs and he got one wicket. He also bated very well he scored 23 runs (not out) in just 11 balls and he got the man of the match award.

Shopping made very easy

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pakistan vs NewZeland Live Update

The match between Pakistan and NewZeland in the Group B started and Pakistan won the toss and decided to field.Brendon McCullum and Ryder started really well for Kiwis and it looked as if Kiwis would take the match away from Pakistan in the first six overs. Sami the comeback man struck first blood to remove Ryder and the Guptill was caught in the log on by Umar Akmal. It was a stunner of a catch.Then the wickets started falling at regular intervals before the captain Vettori steadied the innings a little bit. New Zeland finally managed only 133 for 7 in their 20 overs.

The moderate total on the board and Pakistan should chase this easily. Well the Pakistan have started very badly they have lost 3 quick wickets and this match looks to be a tight one from here on.Salman Butt was the only player who scored more than 50 and he was unbeaten till the end of 20 overs.



132/6 in 20 overs.

Pakistan lost the match by 1 run

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Injured Praveen Kumar out of T20 World Cup

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar has got a side strain and so he is out of the WorldCup which means India are losing their 3rd seamer.Praveen in the match against South Africa also bowled only one over. The team management took a MRI scan and found that his injury his little serious and he needs rest from cricketing action.Praveen Kumar is to return back to India today.

Umesh Yadav from Delhi DaredDevils team has been announced as his replacement.He is a young lad with just 22 years of age. When the reporters asked him he told that it is a dream come true scenario and he still cannot believe he is in the T20 squad for the World Cup.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

T20 World Cup Australia vs Bangladesh

Australia are playing so badly that they could have an early exit from this World Cup. Bangladesh spinners are giving them a taste of hell.Australia have lost all there important players. Right now Australia are 82/6 in 15 overs. Clarke won th toss and decided to bat first. David Warner and Clarke the captain himself scored 16 runs each. all the other top order batsman scored in single digit.

The last recognized pair is at the crease and their hopes are mainly on Hussey who is still at the crease.He is batting with 18 runs of 15 balls. This match could end up in favor of Bangladesh. This is my prediction as of now we have to wait and see what really happens.If that happens then it could be an exit for Australia or Pakistan from Super Eight. Lets see what happens.

Update : Eventually I was wrong since Australia proved why they are a champions side. They wrapped things quite easily and won the match by 27 runs.

Match Summary :

Hussey Man of the Match.

Australia 141/7 (20/20 ov)

Bangladesh 114 (18.4/20 ov)

Australia won the match by 27 runs

Sunday, May 2, 2010

T20 World Cup India vs South Africa

Suresh Raina in T20 World Cup
In the second T20 World Cup match between India and South Africa, India won the match. South Africa won the toss and decided to field first. India scored 186 for 5 wickets in 20 overs. Suresh Raina scroed 101 in just 60 balls. Captain M.S.Dhoni scored 16 runs in just 6 balls (1 six and 1 four). Yuvaraj Singh scored 37 runs in 30 balls (2 sixes and 3 boundaries).

South Africa tried their level best to win the match. But they have lost the match. Jacques Kallis scored 73 runs in 54 balls. He played brilliantly. Suresh Raina got the man of the match award.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soccer Mania

Soccer is a game which is becoming increasing popular especially with the Soccer World Cup very nearby and more and more people like to play soccer game. Soccer players like to improve their skills and like to play the game more and more and for that it would be helpful if we have some portable soccer goals. The portability is a big advantage allowing players to play where ever they like to and also whenever they like to. The other big advantage with rebound soccer nets is that the player need not go and fetch the ball. He or she can take enumerable number of shots which will improve is reflex and make the player more sharp and more agile.

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